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  • The Simple and Cheap Digital Organizing System – All backup process is automatic. No tech skills required at all.
  • Secure Automatic Backups – Unlike cloud storage this device takes care of yours and your family’s memories and keeps them safe forever.
  • Universal Support For All Your Devices – Compatible with almost all devices PCs, Macbooks, Android and iOS devices.
  • 64GB Storage – You can save up to 64000 High resolution Photos and over 5000 HD Videos in one MemorySafeX.
  • AI Technology – The software used by MemorySafeX Automatically removes all duplicates photos or videos saving you space.
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What is it?

Every family has experienced that dreaded moment when they have been locked out of emails or their phone has been lost or stolen. These problems can be avoided with MemorySafeX. This tiny device automatically backups all of your photos and videos as soon as you plug it in your device. It has three different ports making it compatible with almost all devices (PCs, Mac PCs, Android phones, Tablets, iPhones and iPads). MemorySafeX features an incredibly simple and intuitive user interface that you can use regardless of your IT skills. It doesn’t need any software or configuration; it just connects and starts working. Instantly declutter photos, videos, screenshots, and documents with its automatic system.

Protect your important information and memories in no time. There’s no hassle and no registering for storage services that you need to pay for regularly. Cloud storage ends up being much more expensive even though it is never completely risk-free. Keep all you important information safe with MemorySafeX, either attached to your keys or in a safety deposit box. What’s important is that you can control the protection of your information, unlike with a cloud storage system.

How Does it Work?

Every person can use it easily and no technical skill required to backup your data in seconds. It doesn’t need any software, it just connects automatically to your device and starts working. All you have to do…

1. Plug FlashDrive into your computer, smartphone or tablet (works for both Mac and Windows).
2. Open and install the program/app (the whole installation process starts automatic)
3. Click “GO” and you’re DONE!!!

ONE click or tap and that’s it! You have a full backup of all your device instantly to this little usb drive.

MemorySafeX instantly scans every inch of your device, searches through every file and folder (even hidden files) for your photos and videos. Then it automatically copies and backs up all your photos and videos to MemorySafeX. Memory lane is now safe and secure! PLUS, it identifies duplicates and automatically saves a single version – maximizing storage space and saving yourself from browsing through the same image multiple times.

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What Other Features Does MemorySafeX Have?

When saving anything onto your external MemorySafeX usb, every file is 100% secure. There are too many ways for files to be lost and stolen when on a device and the risk can be devastating when losing thousands of images forever. Most people think they are protected from hackers or online theft but there is also the added risk of the device itself being stolen. Phones are a common target for thieves when the opportunity arises, whereas external devices like MemorySafeX are convenient to hide at home. It also has a stealth password mode, so if anyone finds your precious MemorySafeX, the access to the files will be impossible without knowing the password.

An external storage drive that is going to be able to cope with the demands of the modern smartphone is a must. Most people store thousands of images and videos and MemorySafeX simplifies this process. With 64GB of space, it can save up to 110000 lossless quality images and videos which is more than most smartphones are capable of holding. It can also be used on multiple devices and laptops, saving the whole family files. When saving large files on regular external drives, the wait can take minutes, sometimes hours as large files transfer. MemorySafeX takes this pain away, saving HD movies in a matter of seconds saving time on having to keep checking on its progress. The transfer speed for a single file is 30MB/s making every backup in a matter of seconds.

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“Photos that I have thought disappeared for life when I had lost usage of my old computer. Unbelievable! Photos of a lifetime that I have recuperated!!! I love you MemorySafeX, Thank-you for recuperating over 25000 photos of our lives!!!!”

“I Would Highly Recommend It…”

“MemorySafeX works just the way it says it does; very easy to use. I checked it when done, and there were my pictures. There is so much room on this stick that I should be able to use it for years to backup documents and pictures.”

“This Little Stick is Perfect…”

“Absolutely amazing. Does exactly what it said it would do. Copied photos and videos from my daughter’s old computer that she was throwing away. Was able to retrieve pictures since engagement, wedding, and birth of her children. I will buy another for my Mac and one for my other daughter.”

Is MemorySafeX Really Worth It?

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

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